About Us

An enchanted collection of lac jewellery particularly designed to maintain the fusion of tradition and contemporary style. The idea is to melt with the modern trend by reviving the traditional art.

How is it different?

We have given it a classy look by taking inspiration from the colourful Shekhawati  havelis and wall paintings. The shape of jewellery is totally influenced with the architecture of Rajasthani heritage. And therefore the colour used in jewellery making has been derived mindfully so it gives them a groovy look. One can easily carry them on a new-fashioned attire and we think adding this fusion combination will give a new look to your daily dressing style.

How lac is made?

Lac is a sticky substance secreted by an insect, known as lac-insect In order to obtain lac, these insects are cultured and the technique is called lac-culture. Lac- culture is a source of livelihood for people. It involves proper care of host plants, regular pruning of host plants, propagation, collection and processing of lac.

Once lac is obtained, it is pressed and stuck on the brass metal bangles (to give it a shape of bangles). Normal lac is stuck/pasted thickly on a wooden rod and rolled over a flat surface to make it into a cylindrical shape. This lac is then heated slowly over the coal burner. Brass or steel is used as base for the lac.

Founder : Swati Rohila and Poornima Rohilla


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